Rope Halters by Paula




Halters, with or without the extra nose knots are $7.50 (Stiff rope halters are $9.50)

Side-pull halters are $9.50 and typically not made with extra nose knots (stiff sidepulls - add $2)

Shipping and Handling is $3.99 for the first halter ($4.69 for side-pulls) and $1.99 more each ($2.69 for the side-pulls) combined s&h.

I have a large order discount for 8 or more halters/sidepulls.  (.50 less per halter/sidepull) Shipping remains the same.

14' Training lines are $25 shipping included with a halter order. (Spliced loop lines are $33)

9 Ft Reins are $25 shipping included with a halter order.

 I accept Paypal, personal checks and MO's. (I can send you an invoice from PayPal)

When you are ready to place your order - just let me know!

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